My name is Crystal Quade, and I am ready to be the voice of our Missouri House District 132nd. The 132nd needs someone who identifies with our community and will work for the needs of the everyday, hard working Missourians who make up our district.

I have committed my career to helping Missourians overcome challenges. My first position after college was with the U.S. Senate helping Missourians cut through red tape with Federal agencies. I currently work in Springfield’s collaborative nonprofit world assisting children get their basic needs met so they can focus on learning. I can empathize with their families because I’ve been in their shoes and I have helped them navigate the system.

I am committed to the 132nd. My husband and I are proud to raise our children here. I serve with many area organizations and committees working to break down communication barriers while helping families find tools to combat generational poverty, I am on my neighborhood association board, and I am a dedicated supporter of the local businesses in our district. I live, work, and volunteer among you for our community.

I grew up watching my mother balance working overtime while trying to feed two children. I later saw my stepfather work his way up the factory ladder, his work ethic and dedication to our family driving me forward. I was the first in my immediate family to graduate high school and went to MSU, completing a Bachelor’s in Social Work.

My husband had kids at a young age and has worked hard to provide a better life for our children. We have a mortgage. We have student loans. We have sold our furniture on Craigslist to pay the bills. I represent thousands of hard working Springfieldians in our district, a district I have lived in all my adult life. I have a life experience that is sorely lacking in Jefferson City, one that truly represents our community.

I will be the voice in Jefferson City for so many of you in the 132nd who don’t feel heard or simply don’t have the time to be as active as you’d like. I know the struggles you face and the goals you have for your families. When you send me to Jefferson City, I will fight every day on behalf of what is important to you because it is important to me.