I believe in…


Quality Education
All children can learn and be successful if given the chance.

Crystal partners with school districts across the state to help them and their communities meet the most basic needs of their children. In her work she has seen firsthand the effects of not fully funding our schools. Crystal will fight to give our educators the tools they need to ensure our students have access to a quality education, regardless of where they live.




Affordable Childcare
People need access to affordable childcare so that it makes sense to return to work.

As a parent, Crystal has had to decide between quality childcare and affordability. She and her husband have had to look at their budget to determine if it made sense for them to both work. Crystal knows that the decisions of parents are not easy, but having to give your children less than the best in childcare so you can return to work should not be one of them. Crystal knows we can do better. Having access to affordable and high quality daycare and early childhood education programs will be a priority for her in Jefferson City.




Access to Health Care
No family should have to choose between their own health and insurmountable debt.

Throughout her work in both state and federal government, as well as the nonprofit sector, Crystal has seen far too many Missourians struggle with healthcare access and payments. Expansion of Medicaid is the first step to providing healthcare to all Missourians. Today, 300,000 Missourians fall into what is known as the Coverage Gap- most of whom are working or in school. The coverage gap refers to folks who are above income eligibility requirements to receive Medicaid, but don’t make enough to receive tax credits from the health insurance marketplace. We must expand Medicaid to cover these Missourians.



A Living Wage
Missourians deserve a wage that can meet all of their basic needs.

It is inexcusable that even working full time, too many Missourians still struggle. Growing up with a mother who waited tables, and working many minimum wage jobs while in college, Crystal understands what this means. We must provide wages to Missourians that make sense.





Campaign Finance & Ethics Reform
Regular Missouri voices are not heard when there are no limits on campaign contributions.

Missouri currently has no limits on contributions to candidates for office. Families across Missouri are struggling to pay their bills, and Springfield has over 800 homeless students, but yet millions are spent on campaigns across the state. We must put limits in place, reign in our ethics laws, and do better for our state.